CABOOST - As Seen On TV - Channel 4's Buy it Now!

Car Manufacturers spend millions of pounds producing comfortable seats
for modern motor vehicles, but, your small child is expected to sit on a
piece of hard plastic or polystyene.
CABOOST uses AIR CUSHION TECHNOLOGY so that your child can enjoy a truly
Safe AND Comfortable Booster Seat.

" I bought two Caboost seats for my  grandchildren aged 6 and 9 for the purpose of using them while they went to Orlando last month. They were ideal as my daughter did not have to hire seats when they got the hire car. She reported that the seats were fantastic as they folded neatly into their suit cases and did not add much to the luggage weight and it saved them quite a bit of money during their 2 week holiday.I also used them last week when I took my grandchildren away for a few days holiday. The children love them for their comfort so much so that for the first time ever since they were toddlers they both fell asleep for a couple of hours during the journey. Best driving experience ever!! 

 I would recommend the seats to anyone who has a child/grandchild who complain about sitting on a hard seat especially if going on longer car journeys. Also excellent fo taking abroad. Saves a fortune on child car hire seats." Wilma from Lanarkshire

Caboost is also available to buy from Major Retailers:
Ideal World and JML
Local Burnham on Sea Stockist is G W Hurley (on the High Street)